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FriendSpeak English courses

FriendSpeak is an English one-on-one conversation course that uses a text that is taken from the New Testament, along with simple exercises in vocabulary, grammar and written and oral comprehension. They use the texts as a starting point for the conversations, but there is also a great deal of freedom to talk about many other topics which you may suggest.

The classes are individual conversation classes. That means you have an English-speaking "partner" and you are with him/her one-on-one. The classes last for 45 minutes, once a week, at a time schedules by you and your conversation partner.

Theses classes give you a wonderful opportunity to really practice your English and you get a lot of time to speak. But you must be able to communicate in English. There's no need to be fluent, of course, but beginners cannot participate in the project.

A few times a year, we organize English activities to get to know the other students. This can include: barbecues, English evenings, etc. These events provide a way to meet other English speakers and to use your English in a "natural" setting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the goal of FriendSpeak?
FriendSpeak gives Americans the opportunity to know another culture better, and gives local people the opportunity to practice their English with native English Speakers.

How can I participate in FriendSpeak?
Just contact us by sending us an email ( or call us at 021 646 75 05. You must be able to communicate in English and be able to come to the classes at least once per week.

How much does it cost?
The courses are free. They are offered as a free service by the Église du Christ de Lausanne.

Do I have to read the Bible to participate?
The students use simple texts that come from the Gospel of Luke. These texts are a starting point for conversations. The lesson are constructed so that you can talk about many different things BESIDES the weather and travel. You'll learn to express your opinions and share what you think.

But I'm not a Christian. Can I still participate?
Of course. People from all religions and nationalities can participate. We have had Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and people with no religion who participated.

When and where are the classes?
Classes last for 45 minutes. You can schedule a class from Monday to Friday, according to the schedule of our volunteers who give the lessons. The classes are individual, so you have a maximum amount of time to speak English.
The classes take place at Av. de France 77, 1004 Lausanne on the ground floor. You can use the back garden entrance.

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